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The Timeline of Exterior Paint Jobs

One of the most common questions customers ask when we meet with them to provide an estimate is, “How long will it take?” Obviously, there is not a single cut and dry answer to this question because every job comes with different circumstances – HOA rules, weather, wood repairs and size to name a few. In general, once we actively…

Our top 3 colors of the Year 2018

The year is almost over. Time to make those new years resolutions and start looking into the coming New Year. As you may have seen there have been an abundance of colors the year announced.  We have selected three of our favorites. One of them is Sherwin-William ‘s Oceanside SW6496. It Is a vibrant color that will bring a pop…

Holiday Pumpkin-Spiced cookies

This holiday season we wanted to share our favorite cookie recipe.This delicious Pumpkin-Spiced star cookie recipe is from Better Homes & Garden. The ingredients were simple and the recipe in all was easy to make. They are delicious and definitely recommend trying them for this holiday season. Here’s what you will need: 1 17.5 ounce sugar cookie mix 1/3 cups…

Luxurious Living Room in new home
How To Select an Interior Color Scheme

How To Select an Interior Color Scheme 1. Do you have a large piece of artwork, a rug or a large piece of furniture that has a pattern or a multi-colored look? If so, this could be the perfect inspiration. Pull a few colors from that piece and get to work using them throughout your space. Make sure the colors…

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