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Painting your Front Door

The front door of your home will always be the center of attention for your guests. Painting your front door can change the appearance of your home and can add great curb appeal. It is also one of the things that will need maintenance due to the weather elements. Here are things to think about when painting your front door:…

Paint or Wallpaper: Things to keep in mind

The walls in our homes have the versatility and flexibility to change in an instant. We can change the entire look and feel of not just a room, but our entire homes, by changing the color of the walls. A question several people ask themselves is, should I use paint or wallpaper for this change? Before choosing one, there are…

7 Tips for a Healther Home

Image Painting provides professional painting services for interior and exterior the Washington DC area and Northern Virginia. Wow, summer has really flown by. Soon, the kids will be heading back to school, and the colors of fall will be upon us. Unfortunately, that me we will also begin bracing for flu season. Our team has selected a few of our favorite tips to keep…

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