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How Often Should Interior Paint Be Redone?


Repainting interior walls is one of the quickest and most effective ways to breathe life into your home. It helps brighten and revitalize tired walls with an expertly applied and seamless finish, making your home feel crisp and clean. But how often do you need to repaint?

The exact timeline comes down to the room in question and factors specific to you, like the amount of foot traffic through your home. In this post, we explore the average frequencies for repainting various parts of your home to help you determine when it’s time for a fresh coat. 

Interior Painting Timelines

The exact timeframe for how often interior paint should be redone varies based on factors specific to the room. Various parts of our homes see different activity levels, so the paint wears out at different rates. Here are the average repainting timelines for different areas of the home:


The timeframe for repainting bedrooms varies drastically based on whose bedroom is in question. For example, most adult bedrooms rarely need repainting unless you significantly change the decor. They can go around ten years before they need a fresh coat. 

In contrast, kid’s bedrooms require more frequent attention. As your kids bustle around the room playing and completing various activities, they’re bound to put a few scuffs, markings, and dings in the paint. While completely normal, the raised activity level contributes to quicker wear and tear on the painted walls, so they often require a fresh coat every two to three years.


The kitchen is the hub of activity in many homes, serving as a bustling room filled with activity. From whipping up culinary delights for delectable dinners and prepping lunches to cleaning, our kitchens are busy places. 

Over the years, all sorts of things begin to take a toll on the painted walls, from grease and smoke to stains and scuffs. After a while, these marks begin to detract from the overall appeal of your kitchen, and another coat of paint is necessary. 

On average, kitchens require a fresh coat of paint every three to four years. 

Living Spaces

Your living room, dining room, den, and other living spaces tend to be high-traffic areas. You might cozy up with your family to watch your favorite TV show or movie, gather for lively conversations, or engage in an entertaining game night. 

Generally, these areas don’t require repainting as frequently as other areas, only requiring a fresh coat every five to seven years. That said, paint on living space walls in homes with pets or kids may begin to showcase wear and tear much sooner, so it can vary based on your situation. 


The paint on bathroom walls serves an essential purpose: it helps protect the walls from moisture and humidity. When the paint begins to peel or shows signs of wear, it can leave the drywall behind it susceptible to water damage due to high humidity levels during showering or water splashing from the tub during a bath. 

On top of that, bathrooms are high-traffic areas that require frequent cleaning, so the walls can begin to show wear faster than in other areas. Given these factors, most bathrooms require a fresh coat of paint every three to four years. 

High-Traffic Areas

The paint on the walls of mudrooms, hallways, and other areas with heavy foot traffic often begins to show signs of wear much faster than in other areas of your home. With people putting their hands on the walls as they stroll by or round a corner, kids racing through the halls, and moving stuff to and fro down the hallway, these areas are susceptible to faster wear. 

On average, you can expect to repaint these areas every two to three years. Of course, if you have a small family or don’t have young children, you might be able to wait longer between painting sessions.

Upgrade Your Home’s Interior With Image Painting

A seamless coat of paint goes a long way in making a space feel brighter, cleaner, and more inviting. If a few areas of your home are in dire need of a fresh coat, or maybe the entire home needs new paint, we can help! 

Our experienced painters at Image Painting are ready to help transform your home through an expertly applied coat of paint. We handle the entire process, from prep work to finishing touches, so you won’t need to sweat the details. Ready to get started? Contact us today!


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