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Painting or refinishing your cabinets is an excellent way to give your space a new and updated look.  It’s also a great environmental option since it uses your existing materials.

Benefits of Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Complete kitchen remodel projects can get very expensive very quickly. They also can take longer than expected, which is majorly inconvenient. Cabinet painting and refinishing however, is an great way to give your kitchen an updated look while keeping the cost the costs down and without all the headaches. There are numerous benefits to choosing cabinet painting over a complete renovations:

  • Faster than demolishing old cabinets and installing new ones
  • Considerably more affordable than installing new cabinets
  • Allows you to keep the same layout as your existing cabinets
  • An eco-friendly option—avoid throwing out perfectly good materials just for a new color

Cabinet Painting Cost

Many factors come into play when calculating the the cost for painting or refinishing your cabinets. Size of the doors, number of doors, and the method of painting are some of these factors. Also to consider is the type of paint or stain you decide to use, and how long overall that the job will take to complete. The absolute best way to get an accurate quote is to schedule an in-person estimate.

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Preparation is Critical

Painting kitchen cabinets require specialized skills. There is a correct way and wrong way to doing this home improvement project. Many of the cabinets we’ve seen painted are not done the correct way. Kitchen cabinets are a unique place in your home that you utilize a great deal. Since your cabinets are touched, opened and interacted with constantly they require special treatment. They are not like the walls in your home that are typically untouched. Therefore, you need to have your cabinets painted the right way.

When you are painting kitchen cabinets, the foundation is very important.

Here’s an overview of the preparation we follow when painting kitchen cabinets:

  • Cover and protect all surfaces
  • Remove all hardware
  • Label all doors and drawers
  • Remove all doors and drawers
  • Buff sand all surfaces with sandpaper
  • Wipe all surfaces with a de-glossing agent
  • Apply one coat of bonding primer
  • Apply one coat of primer (needed only if wood is an open grain like oak or cabinets have a dark stain)
  • Buff sand in-between primer coats

The Top Coat and Finish Coats

The next stage is to paint the kitchen cupboards with a great inside trim product. We utilize an acrylic paint that dries quick and cures strong with a smooth finish. Spraying all the door and drawer fronts enables us to get a near factory finish on the surfaces that are seen the most. It’s better to apply a few light coats than a single heavy one. The heavier it’s put on, the messier it will look.


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