Interior Painting Services in Washington, DC

Fresh paint can work wonders inside your home. It can help brighten the space, make your decor pop, and even make it feel cleaner! After all, old, fading, or grubby paint certainly doesn’t add to a welcoming ambiance. So, what’s the solution? A new coat of paint!

If you’re searching for an interior painting company in Washington, DC, our experienced team at Image Painting is here to help. We’re proud to be a top choice for residents in our communities and are ready to help you transform your home with a new coat of paint.


Our Interior Painting Services

Our interior painting services in Washington, DC, span a wide range, ensuring you’ll have access to the services you need to get the job done. Our services cover the entire process from start to finish, including:

  • Interior painting
  • Apartment painting
  • Cabinet painting
  • Wallpaper installation and removal
  • Plaster repair
  • Drywall repair
  • Carpentry and pre-painting services
  • Color consulting

If you’re looking for interior home painting services in Washington, DC, we can help! Book an appointment today to get started!


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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does it Cost to Paint the Inside of a House?

Like most areas, interior painting costs in Washington, DC, can vary dramatically. The cost of painting your home’s interior will depend on the scope of the project, the difficulty of the project, and similar details. Since homes vary from one to the next, and you might have a specific idea of a pattern or color scheme, every painting project is unique.

So, to better gauge what to expect and budget for, we recommend getting a personalized estimate. We offer convenient estimates to help you plan for the project – it’s as simple as booking an appointment.

Is Interior Paint Different Than Exterior Paint?

Yes, interior paint is different from exterior paint, as each is formulated for different needs. Indoor paint is designed for durability and resistance against scrubbing, while exterior paint is formulated for weather resistance and resistance against UV rays. So, while they’re both paints designed for your home, they’re not the same.

How Long Does it Take to Paint a House?

The timeline to completion on a residential house painting project hinges on the specifics of it. Larger homes or those with complex details often take longer, while smaller homes or projects, like an accent wall or bathroom, are usually quicker.

Once we take a look at your home and learn more about the project, we can give you a better idea of what to expect timewise!

What Does a Painter’s Quote Include?

Every painting company is different in how it handles its quotes and what it includes. At Image Painting, we include everything we think we’ll need to complete your project, from the time and labor to the paint and materials. Of course, it’s important to remember that it’s an estimate, so changes could happen, but we do our best to provide the most accurate estimates.

If you have questions about your quote, feel free to ask!

Can I Paint My Home’s Interior?

Painting the inside of your home as a DIY project is possible, but many homeowners choose to hire a pro to handle the job. Achieving a crisp, beautiful result takes careful work and various tools you might not have on hand, including a paint sprayer, drop cloths, or an extra-tall ladder. Plus, you’ll need to worry about all the prep work, as it’s an integral part of the process.

So, while you can paint the inside of your home without help, it might be best to enlist the services of a skilled professional who provides interior house painting services in Washington, DC.


Dramatic Interior of A Beautiful Master Bedroom.

Beautify Your DC Home With a Fresh Coat of Paint

If the inside of your home could use a bit of brightening, it might be time to paint. Or, maybe you recently revamped your home with new decor, and the old color just doesn’t quite match. Either way, our experienced team at Image Painting can help.

Whether you want to completely overhaul your home with a full painting service or add a pop of visual intrigue to an accent wall, we’re here to help. We’re dedicated to supplying customized services that match your needs, providing high-quality and professional results that take your home’s aesthetics to the next level. Ready to get started? Book an appointment today!

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