March 11

Rotten Wood and Two Other TOP Reasons for Exterior Paint

Working around the D.C. area, I’ve been shocked to see so much rotten wood – even on houses that aren’t all that old. I’m not sure why it happens here in the DMV, but it’s definitely a problem. The good news is it’s a problem that can be reduced or even eliminated by keeping exterior wood surfaces properly painted.

We’ll start there – rotten wood – the first reason for exterior paint. If your home or building has decorative wood trim, wood siding or even wood around windows and doors, it could be at risk for rotten or rotting wood. Maintaining a healthy and COMPLETE coat of paint will protect the wood from water damage. Additionally, during a paint project, our team can assess wooden areas and advise if there are any places of concern. For a long-term solution, consider replacing wood trim with vinyl or wood alternatives that stand up to the elements. This can also be done during an exterior paint project.

Protection – You might have an alarm system to protect your home, and locks on the doors to protect your stuff, even smoke detectors to protect your family. What about the outside of your home? It faces the wrath of Mother Nature every single day – from snow, ice and rain to harsh winds and brutal heat from the summer sun. The paint on your home is like it’s protective armor, and eventually that armor starts to break down. If you’re not sure when your house was last painted, or if it’s been more than five years, you should give it a good look. It might be time. Looks for blisters and cracks in the paint as well as fading. Additionally, as part of the paint project, we’ll make sure your sealed areas are appropriately caulked.

Curb Appeal – Make your home or building look its best. If you’re listing this spring, a new coat of paint will increase the curb appeal and could bump up the listing price. If you’re planning to stay put for a while, you deserve to enjoy your home and feel good about the way it looks. Painting the exterior also provides an opportunity for a new look or color combination. The possibilities are endless and the end result will make you feel proud.


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