November 1

Holiday Entertaining with Ease and Style

So, you’re hosting a holiday this year. The stress has fully set in as you look around you and wonder how you’ll get the house ready. Stop. Take a deep breath. Now tackle the problem room-by-room.

First, think about your home. Where will your guests spend the most time? Those are the areas of greatest concern. You’ll need to clean all your bathrooms of course, and possibly bedrooms where guests will stay, but feel free to simply close the door to the master bedroom or the kids’ playroom.

Give the house a good dusting and vacuum before guests arrive. You might spruce up the yard with seasonal plants or garden décor.

Now, what can be done in the key areas of the home – the ones where people will be on the big day? A fresh coat of paint can give old décor a new clean look. New paint makes the walls clean and adds new personality to the space. If you are the ones traveling, our team can take care of painting while you’re away. Just imagine coming to a clean, newly painted home – like magic.

No time to paint? Consider using small items, like candles, flowers, vases, baskets and cloth accents to add modern pops of color to your space. You may want to invest in new throw pillows for your furniture as well. These will offer an updated look on a budget. If you are someone who likes to change décor with the seasons or use seasonally themed pieces, this is a fantastic and budget-friendly option.

Create a food or beverage display for your guests. This will serve as a focal point in the space and also serve a purpose on the day your friends and family visit. This allows your budget to work double-duty – purchasing food items you would’ve bought anyway, and making them into a new design element too.

Set a beautiful table, which can be done with a simple centerpiece, colored tablecloths or patterned napkins. There are tons of DIY ideas available online for table accents, place cards, etc.

Be sure you have seating for your guests, even if it’s in multiple areas of the home. And, if kids are on the guest list, consider setting out a few toys or activities to grab their attention immediately. This will help maintain some control over how quickly they mess up your nice clean house.


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