April 21

TOP 5 Reasons for an Exterior Paint Refresh This Season

#5 – Gain Curb Appeal and Maybe a New Pop of Color – Faded, peeling, chipped paint is an eye sore. Even if you can’t see every imperfection from the street, it’s obvious to eye that the exterior of the home doesn’t look as nice as it could. The colors aren’t as vibrant, or maybe there are even glaring patches where paint has flaked off or cracked. A new coat of paint will increase the curb appeal dramatically. Plus, if you’ve been thinking about adding a pop of color, maybe with a red door or a fun shade of trim, now’s the time.

#4 – Increase Efficiency and Save Money – During the prep process, our painters will re-caulk areas around windows, doors and trim. Doing this ensures that your summer air conditioning is able to keep your house cool instead of allowing cool air to leak outside. This will aid in keeping your energy bills a bit lower. It’s true in the winter too, if you’re trying to keep your home cool.

#3 – Increase Re-sale value – We addressed curb appeal in #5, but if you’re considering selling your house any time in the coming year or two, getting a fresh coat of paint now will help to maximize the sale price, and help prevent costly repairs at the time of sale.

#2 – Keep Up Against Rotten Wood – Paint protects your home. We see a lot of rotten wood here in the DMV. The best way to protect your home against rotting wood, is to keep the wooden elements correctly painted. During the prep process, we could replace any rotten wood as well. Paint provides a protective barrier from the sun and rain. This barrier will allow the wooden elements on your home to last longer, and save you money in the long run. Protecting the wood on the outside also protects elements on the inside from mold and mildew.

#1 – You’ve been meaning to do it anyway – If you’ve noticed any cracking or peeling in your paint, you’ve probably already been considering getting your home painted. As we enter the heat of summer and the stormy rains that come with it, those cracks and peels are just going to get worse. You can stop them in the tracks and treat yourself to a new-looking house by applying a new coat of paint. It’s well worth it, so what are you waiting for?

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