June 9

Paint or Wallpaper: Things to keep in mind


The walls in our homes have the versatility and flexibility to change in an instant. We can change the entire look and feel of not just a room, but our entire homes, by changing the color of the walls. A question several people ask themselves is, should I use paint or wallpaper for this change?
Before choosing one, there are several things you should consider.

Prep work: Wallpaper and paint both require tedious preparation and planning, with paint requiring a little bit less work.  What some people don’t know is that wallpaper does not stick to your wall, but to the paint on your wall.  A majority of walls will need to be primed before applying wallpaper over the original paint.  When homeowners are left with faulty wallpaper applications, you will almost always find that the wall and the paint on it were not properly primed beforehand.

Along with the preparation required, a significant consideration for several people is the cost of painting or wallpapering. Both painting and wallpapering can be applied by homeowners; higher end products will need installation or painting to be done by qualified professionals.  Paint on the average requires inexpensive materials and lower labor costs as opposed to professional application of wallpaper.Design/Look: One other aspect is what type of finish you would want for your project. Wallpaper can come in different styles and textures that can add to the feel and look of a room. Like paint, there are many colors and finishes you can choose for your home. Wallpaper is also more durable and if applied properly can last twice as long as paint. However; this durability does make changing the look of a room more complicated.

No matter which option you chose, both options will give you a fresh new look in your home that will leave you happy and excited about the change. 


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