September 17

3 most frequently asked questions on pressure washing

Pressure washing can sometimes be part of an exterior painting project. We say sometimes because it is not always needed in every house. If you paint your house every other year, you may not need it, we do however recommend it. Sometimes a good pressure washing can give your final product that extra little bit to make it amazing! Here are our top 3 most frequently asked questions on pressure washing.

Power washing or pressure washing?
Both power and pressure washing use the same water pressure. The difference between the two is the machine. Power washers use hot water for cleaning, while a pressure washer does not.  Power washing is mostly used in commercial projects that tend to have tougher stains to remove. Pressure washers are ideal for residential homes because along with the cleaning solution, the pressure removes debris that is on the exterior of your home.

Do I really need to hire a professional?
In our opinion Yes. This may seem like it’s a simple task but like many home improvement projects, inexperience can make a simple project turn into a very difficult and problematic situation. We have pressured washed homes for a very long time and have come to see all sorts of scenarios. We are equipped for any problem that may arise while working on the project.

Will it damage my home?
We have years of experience and take great care when pressure washing a home. We stay away from areas that may be damaged such as windows, and plants around the home. If we need to, we will assess and inform you of anything that may need to be moved or covered when we pressure wash.

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