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7 Tips And Tricks For Cleaning Interior Walls in McLean, VA


7 Tips And Tricks For Cleaning Interior Walls in McLean, VA

When you’re looking to do work on the inside of your home, whether you are thinking of repainting the walls or even just your period cleaning, it’s essential to be smart and do things correctly.

So long as you do a good job cleaning, you will have walls that are better in terms of durability and prepare them for possible projects.

With that being the case, here are seven tips and tricks for cleaning interior walls in McLean, VA

1. Know What Kind Of Paint Is On The Wall

Depending on what kind of paint you have on the wall, you will need to use more or less effort when you are looking to clean the interior walls of your home.

For example, if you have a more glossy paint on the walls, it will be a lot easier just to wipe the dirt and grime and occasional imitation of Picasso that one of your children might attempt to pull off.

On the other hand, if you have a more flat paint on the walls, it will be considerably more sensitive to being cleaned, and you will have to be that much more careful with the caustic chemicals that could even get some of the paint off of your walls.

2. Start With The Mildest Cleaner

When you’re looking to clean your interior walls, you should start with the mildest cleaner and then work your way up to more strong cleaners if you find that the more mild cleaners aren’t working as well.

As far as cleaners go, you can’t go much more mildly than pure water, so you should try to clean with that before you do anything else.

If what you are trying to clean still doesn’t get clean after using water, that is when you will start to need to step up and try other methods.

3. Make Your Own Wall Cleaner For Better Results

Though there are many cleaners out there, there is something to be said for cleaners that you make on your own in your home.

For one, the quality control is entirely up to you, and you have the final say in the ingredients of the cleaner.

Secondly, you are the one who decides the extent to which your cleaner has or does not have a scent — if a pineapple is your thing, you can make your cleaner smell like it!

4. The Two Bucket Method

When you are using most any cleaner to clean the walls, you are going to need to employ what some will call the two bucket method.

One of the buckets will be used to hold the cleaning solution that is diluted to your liking.

The other bucket will be used to hold water, which you will use to rinse the walls once you have properly gotten the walls clean and need to get the walls clear of the cleaning solution.

5. Remove Hardware First

Though it may seem obvious, you will need to fully remove all of the hardware prior to beginning the cleaning process.

This means that not only will you have to remove any paintings or photographs that you have hanging on the walls but the hardware that is used to hang them.

You should take the opportunity to remove other things that may be on the wall, such as tape and other adhesives.

6. Try Dish Soap And Water For Grease

Though, of course, you are welcome to use just about anything to remove grease from the kitchen walls, you might find that a simple solution of dish soap and water can do wonders for getting off the grease.

Of course, the thing that you will likely need to do is to test out different ratios of water and soap to see what works best to get the grease off of your walls.

7. Cleaning Soda For Smoke

When you are dealing with walls that have been stained by the presence of smoke, the best thing that you can do is to use a cleaning soda to remove it.

Cleaning soda not only removes the smoke from the walls but eliminates the foul odors that accompany it.

Vinegar and water mixed together will neutralize the soda and help to fully disinfect the walls and get them nice and clean.


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