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5 Tricks For Remodeling Your Living Room in Arlington, VA


5 Tricks For Remodeling Your Living Room in Arlington, VA

When you are looking at updating your living room’s look, there are many things you need to bear in mind to make it look a bit better.

These things include how to remodel it without spending too much money and considering how you might remodel it without actually removing or adding from that which you already have.

With that in mind, let us look at and consider five tricks for remodeling your living room in Arlington, VA.

1. Wall Lighting To Save Floor Space

You can do your living room’s remodeling to consider your lighting and how much floor space it is currently taking.

Floor space can come at a premium in some living rooms, so if you can take some things off the ground, that is generally a good thing.

If you can get the lights off the ground (in that you had floor lamps, for example) and get lamps that mount on the couch, you can not only save on the occupied floor space but also keep your living room illuminated.

Some people will also keep their wall lighting symmetrical by doing things like having one lamp on either side of their couch.

2. Reupholster Rather Than Replace

You may believe that if your couch is looking old and ragged, the only thing you can do is toss it out and find a new couch to take its place, or perhaps a sofa.

This does not have to be the case, however — you can get the couch reupholstered rather than replacing it, and it will be as though you have a new couch without the expense of buying a new couch.

Another benefit of reupholstering your couch rather than replacing it is that you are doing the environment a favor — less garbage going to the landfill.

3. Floor Rug To Update Your Living Room

If you have a hardwood floor, you might think that the only way you can change your living room’s look is to either change the stain of the hardwood somehow or to carpet the floor entirely.

There are other options, however — you can get a floor rug that will look spectacular in your living room without occupying all of the space.

There are even some whimsical floor rugs that you can get to give visitors a chuckle when they come to see you — or even to keep yourself amused.

4. Consider An Accent Wall

When you want to remodel your living room, you may well want to consider an accent wall to really set aside one wall from the other ones.

The good thing about an accent wall is, in addition to updating the look of your living room, it could be an entryway to painting your whole living room.

This is the case because you could paint one of your living room walls one color and find that you like it enough to want to paint the other walls that very the same color.

Of course, an accent wall doesn’t have to be just about changing the color — you can even make an accent wall by hanging antique plates that you collected from your family.

5. Move Everything Around

Lastly, consider the possibility that you don’t actually need anything new for your living room but rather new places for the existing things to be.

You can be sure of this if you take the time to move the things around your living room — and there are many methodologies you can use to arrange your furniture differently than it already is.

Taking the concepts of feng shui into consideration, for example, can give your living room a new look, and some would say give it a soul.

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