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7 Designs For Your Kitchen Ceiling in McLean, VA


7 Designs For Your Kitchen Ceiling in McLean, VA

In the course of updating the look of your home, you may come to consider your kitchen, and how the kitchen looks — and one thing you might not even think of is the ceiling, and how you can change the appearance with a simple design.

Though your kitchen ceiling might be something you’d think should have a fairly simple and ordinary flat colored appearance (and perhaps you think that color should always be white) you may be surprised to find out that your ceiling would benefit from a good design on it.

Let’s explore seven designs for your kitchen ceiling in McLean, VA.

1. Faux Stone Effect

One design you can consider for your kitchen ceiling is the faux stone effect, which essentially makes it look as though your ceiling were made of stone even though it may not be necessarily made of it — it’s just an effect to apply.

The way that the stone effect is created is through a combination of latex or oil paint with the right colors, as well as a shellac or varnish if you want to add a certain shiny effect to the stones.

2. Bold Stripes

Another way that you can add a nice design to your kitchen ceiling is to paint bold stripes that go along the length of the ceiling (or the width if you prefer) and the key thing is that you should have at least two different colors.

The thing you’re trying to achieve is to have a bit of contrast and by having multiple colors, you’re setting them up to contrast one with another, so you should choose colors that either looks good together or make for good contrasts.

3. Contrasting Ceiling Beams

Speaking of contrast, you can really make an impressive look for your kitchen ceiling if you have ceiling beams when you paint them a color that contrasts with the other colors of your ceiling.

The benefit of doing this is that you take advantage of the structure that is already in your kitchen and makes it look that much better by adding some color to it.

4. The Power Of Wallpaper

Though people tend to think of wallpaper as something that you can exclusively use for putting up on your walls to give them a wholly new appearance, but there is so much more that you can do with wallpaper, as we will explore in future articles.

Taking the wallpaper and applying it to your ceiling, for example, is a splendid thing that you can do to radically alter the look of your ceiling and give it just about any appearance that you want.

The only limitation to how your ceiling looks when you make use of wallpaper is your imagination, as you can have just about any image made into wallpaper now with online companies that will make it for you.

5. Artistic Mural

If you’d rather go ‘old school’ as it were with adding a design to your ceiling, you can paint or commission a nice mural to be painted on your ceiling — think of old chapels with beautiful scenes on the ceilings, but for your kitchen instead.

Of course, you don’t have to go all out like that but you can certainly add a nice story.

6. The Look Of The Ocean

With just a few different kinds of blue and green, you’re going to be able to add the look of the ocean to your ceiling.

If you’re feeling particularly creative, you can even add some sea life to your ceilings as well!

7. Chalkboard Paint

Lastly, consider the many things that can be achieved if you paint your ceiling with chalkboard paint.

Not only do you have your choice in design just by the fact that you are applying chalkboard paint, you have your choice of any design you want that can be changed any time you allow the existing design to be erased and replaced with a new one!

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