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5 Tricks For Adding Bold Colors In Interior Painting in McLean, VA


5 Tricks For Adding Bold Colors In Interior Painting in McLean, VA

When you’re looking to paint the interior of your home, one thing that you’re going to have to consider is the way that the color is going to flow throughout the house — what kinds of colors you’re going to use.

True, some will have you just pick one color and stick to it throughout the house, but if you want to add some more color to your home, it may help to add a variety of colors and not just the standard colors that people are likely to add — perhaps a bold color or two could look really nice in your home.

Adding bold colors can be a bit more tricky than colors that are less so, and so it helps to be a bit prepared for this kind of painting project.

Let’s look at five tricks for adding bold colors in interior painting in McLean, VA.

1. It Cannot All Be Bold

The first thing that you should know when you are getting into the world of incorporating bold colors is that you should not use bold colors to the exclusion of non-bold colors.

The reason that this is the case is that if you use nothing but bold colors in your interior painting, you’re likely going to get a bit overwhelmed by the quantity of bold colors and end up not being able to properly appreciate them.

The best thing that you can do is to have some balance in how much bold color you use in your interior painting so that it doesn’t get to be too much.

2. Consider Complementary Colors

In the painting of your home, it is a good idea to look for what colors are going to go with the bold colors that you are using.

As nice as it is to have just one nice bold color, it looks even better when you have a color that goes along with it.

There are many good websites where you can input a color with extremely accurate precision and it will tell you the colors that complement that color.

3. Use Bold Colors More In Halls And Passing Rooms

There are some who would suggest that you might want to consider limiting your use of bold colors to rooms that you will go through more in passing and not so much stay in for longer periods of time.

These can be uses of the colors such as if you are painting a hall, where a person might just briefly see and appreciate the bold colors while they are walking.

If you appreciate bold colors more than not, it’s entirely possible that you will be able to have bold colors even in rooms where you are going to be staying for longer periods of time, as it could be something that you will appreciate.

4. Accent Pieces For Your Rooms

As you are working on finding rooms in which you can add bold colors to your walls, you can think about additionally adding some accent pieces to the room that could also have bold colors.

It’s entirely possible that if you go for a room that has less bold color, that would be a better place to incorporate more accent pieces with these bold colors.

5. Hide Dull Things With Bold Colors

Lastly, if you’re wondering in what room you are going to want to use your bold colors, think about making use of bold colors in the room in which you can find things that are less attractive, as it were.

If for example, you have a room in which you can find a bookshelf that isn’t all that interesting, you can paint maybe one of the walls in the room with a bold color and draw your attention away from that bookshelf.

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