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7 Tips For Painting Your Baby’s Nursery in Arlington, VA


7 Tips For Painting Your Baby’s Nursery in Arlington, VA

There are certain rooms in the home where one does not think about needing to paint, even though it can be a perfectly normal room that would need painting like any other room.

One such room is the baby’s nursery – you think of it as being the room for the baby and as such you may wonder why you even have to paint it at all — yet once in a while, particularly when the paint is looking worn or it has been a long time since the room was painted (or perhaps even if the room used to be used for something entirely different) the room will do well with a paint job.

Let’s look at seven tips for painting your baby’s nursery in Arlington, VA.

1. Consider The Audience

When you’re looking to paint your baby’s nursery you should think well about the audience of the nursery, as it were — and if you think that it’s the baby, you are likely mistaken.

It’s worth speculating that the person that is going to benefit most from your choices in painting your baby’s nursery is not going to be the baby, who will not be able to see past a certain distance and won’t even be able to discern many colors for quite a while but rather the older people who will be taking care of the baby or babies.

2. Protect The Floor

In painting a baby’s nursery, it’s going to be fundamentally important to take the time to protect the floor from the various drips and dribbles of paint that come with the painting process.

This is important because no matter how careful one is, it’s nearly impossible to paint perfectly and so it’s better to protect than to try to clean up later.

3. Remove The Furniture

Speaking of protecting, you can make things a lot easier for you by removing as much of the furniture as you can from the room before you paint.

The less furniture you have there, the easier it will be for you to get around the room.

4. Think About Rearranging

While you are in the process of removing the furniture, you might want to think about rearranging the furniture that you do have.

Having the furniture out of the room is just the right opportunity for you to think about where the furniture might look best.

5. Two Coats May Be Necessary

Of course, it’s entirely possible that when you have finished painting the room with one coat of paint and that paint coat has dried, you will look at it and decide that it looks perfectly fine and that is okay.

If, however, you look at it and it looks as though it could stand to get a second coat (and you will know the look when you see it) then you are likely best off taking the time to apply that second coat of paint.

It’s key to remember that if you are going to be applying a second coat of paint that you should wait for the first coat to fully dry before you apply said second coat because if you do not do this you are bound to have some pretty bad painting problems later on.

6. Use Paint That Is Natural

In painting a baby’s nursery, it’s a good idea to go above and beyond when it comes to the kinds of compounds that can be sometimes released – there are paints that are rated as being ‘low-VOC and those that are even ‘no-VOC – and since the person or people who will be staying in the room the most will be a baby it’s best to go with a non-VOC paint.

7. Primer Before Paint

Lastly, do bear in mind that since you want your coat or coats of paint to stick around for quite a while, it is a good idea to apply the first coat of paint over a coat of primer.

Primer makes for a good adhesive and will keep the paint sticking to the surface of the wall.

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