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7 Hallway Painting Tricks You Can Use in McLean, VA


7 Hallway Painting Tricks You Can Use in McLean, VA

How your hallways look can leave a lasting impression on any guests that may be visiting.

Though you may not be spending much time in hallways as you do in the other areas of your home, it is oftentimes the first thing that catches your and your guests’ eyes.

As such, it’s good to keep your hallways clean and aesthetically appealing

Painting hallways can get quite tricky if you’re not sure with what to do with it.

If you’re looking for ideas to beautify your hallways, here are 7 hallway painting tricks you can use in McLean, VA.

1. Find A Reliable Paint Brand

It’s already a given that planning and preparation are essential if you want a successful paint job.

With that in mind, it’s best to search for a paint brand you can rely on and trust.

Hallways get a significant amount of traffic, so it’s ideal to look for a brand of paint that holds for a good amount of time

before it needs another rework.

It’s also good to search for brands that offer wall and wood paint colors of the same range to make color matching easier

for you.

2. Widen Your Hallways With Paint Colors

If you feel like your hallways are a little too narrow for your liking, the right shade of paint will be able to fix that problem for you.

Choosing the right shade of paint colors could help give the illusion of wider hallways.

Due to the lack of natural lighting most narrow hallways have, it tends to look more cramped than it already is.

Opt to go for lighter, more neutral shades that help reflect light to make your hallways look more spacious.

3. Find The Right White

It is tempting to paint your hallways a solid white, but choosing which shade of white is key to giving your hallway the look it deserves.

Using a basic, stark bright white is sadly going to diminish the whole aesthetic of your hallway as it reflects light in an

unflattering way.

Instead, pick tones such as eggshell white or off‐white for a more sophisticated feel.

4. Let Your Creativity Flow

Hallways provide a decent amount of space for you to get creative and let your personality jump out.

You can paint, draw, or even write on your walls to give off that personal vibe.

Don’t just stop at color combinations and patterns ‐ paint your favorite movie scene or stencil a quote you really like!

5. Consider The Rooms

As hallways are generally transitional areas, it’s better to choose colors that work well with the rooms they lead to.

Try to coordinate with the color of the rooms adjacent to and adjoining the hallway for a more solid theme and smoother color flow.

You could also do the opposite and go for contrasting color schemes ‐ paint your hallway a darker shade if your rooms are a lighter color and vice versa.

6. Add A Focal Point

If your hallway feels too empty or void of any eye‐catching features, then paint one on instead!

Try painting an arch in a bold paint shade to catch your ‐ and your guests ‐ eyes.

Positioning this at the end of a hallway further completes the look, making your hallway appear simple yet sleek.

7. Don’t Skip the Ceiling

The walls of your hallways aren’t always the only things you can paint.

Painting your ceiling can add to the illusion of a much larger and taller space.

Adding color and detail to your ceiling can make a drastic effect on the overall impact of your hallway.


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