October 28

“Try On” your Colors Before you Paint

Did you know you can “try on” a paint color before selecting it for your next project? Well, you can. One of the hardest things about painting a space is deciding on the color. Should you do an accent wall or go with a neutral color throughout? Should you paint the exterior in just one color or use more than one complimentary or monochromatic color to add personality? Would it look better in a red or a gray? The list of questions and uncertainties is endless, but there IS HOPE.

Thanks to technology and some great customer service ideas, many paint companies now offer the ability to “try on” your colors. The online and mobile applications run the spectrum of capabilities, but most offer demo rooms from which to choose or the ability to upload a photo of your true space or building exterior. It’s easy – just the click of your smart phone’s camera, and you’re off.

Then, you can select from a wide variety of suggested color palettes based on current design trends. Or, if you prefer, get creative with your own unique selections. Oh, and if you can’t find the exact color you want, choose something close and then visit the store to have your swatch of color matched. Keep in mind too, that colors on an electronic screen will vary slightly and may not be completely accurate to real life appearance and your space’s specific lighting.

Once you’ve chosen or photographed your space or exterior and you’ve chosen your color(s), the fun begins. You can virtually paint. Apply your color selections in your space right on your computer or mobile screen. Get an idea of how it will really look – kind of like a bridesmaid taking photos of the bride in potential wedding gowns. You can try different colors, play with different shades and placements. Then, once you’re satisfied with your virtual design, you can even order paint test samples for a nominal fee and try them on the wall.

It’s not a perfect solution, and there are still decisions to be made, but how cool. Find, select, test and try on your paint before having to commit. Here are just a few resources for virtual paint testing, complete with design ideas and the ability to upload photos of your actual space.

Sherwin Williams 


Benjamin Moore


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