November 13

Protect your Paint when you Decorate

Decorating your home for the holidays is not only festive, it’s fun. Many families enjoy this time together and consider it the official start to the holiday season. As you begin to hang your holiday décor, keep the paint in mind. Here are a few tips you can use to protect the paint in your home and still achieve that festive look.

  1. Consider using one of the easy-to-remove products from 3M. With a variety of hooks, clasps and adhesives, you may find just the right tool to hang that winter wreath.
  2. Consider using painter’s tape for light weight decorations like bows. This tape will remove easily when the holiday is over without damaging the paint on the walls.
  3. Consider using ribbon to affix decorations to existing structures within the home.

Also, as you decorate, and keep your paint safe, remember to keep your family and home safe too. From the TrueValue blog, check out these useful tips for safe decorating.


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