January 14

The TOP 3 Reasons for Interior Paint – A Professional’s Opinion

So, you’re wondering what a new coat of paint can do for you. You’re thinking, “maybe we’ll paint the kitchen this year.” You need an update for your family room or a new look for the master bedroom. Well, there are many things you can do, but interior paint is a great start to the new look. Plus, it offers other benefits as well. We’ve put together our TOP 3 reasons for interior paint in your home:

  1. Paint Makes it Look New AgainA home that is lived in, or even one that isn’t, will begin to show wear and tear on the walls. This is particularly true in corners and along trim areas. Cleaning the walls will only remove some of the marks, and does nothing to repair cracks or nail pops that come with the natural settling of the home (or an unexpected late summer earthquake in Northern Virginia). Prepping and painting these interior walls will make them look new again and cover any marks, scrapes or cracks.
  2. Achieve an Updated Look that fits your Updated NeedsStyles change. The color palette you chose 10 years ago may have been very trendy then, but has gone out of style now. Or, maybe, the colors fit your needs back then, but don’t fit them anymore. For example, if you did your entire home in whites and tans before you had kids or animals running around, those light colors may have taken a beating. Replacing them with a new, perhaps darker, color scheme will give your home a new look and allow you to select products and colors that best fit your family’s current lifestyle.
  3. You get a Newfound Excitement from the Same Old SpaceA new coat of interior paint can restore your home to its original beauty indoors – whether refreshing the original color palette or going bold with something new. The stunning appearance of a professional painted interior makes a home even more enjoyable. It also makes it show nicely for guests or potential buyers when that time comes. Fresh paint can really brighten and clean up a space.


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  1. I’m painting my walls white and I need to know should I paint the trim and boarders lighter or a darker white and texture of paint for bathroom’s walls

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