July 22

Painting your Front Door

The front door of your home will always be the center of attention for your guests. Painting your front door can change the appearance of your home and can add great curb appeal. It is also one of the things that will need maintenance due to the weather elements. Here are things to think about when painting your front door:

1.Choose the correct paint color. The color you pick can have an effect on your door. Yo may also want to keep in mind the direction your home faces. If your home gets direct sunlight a darker color will absorb more heat which can cause the door to warp and fade faster. Heat absorption also makes cracks in the paint which can cause peeling and chips. Choosing a lighter color can help by reflecting heat and reduce the heat buildup that might occur in a DC summer.

2.Choosing the correct finish. The finish you choose for the paint is really depending on what type of look you are going for. A semi-gloss or high gloss would be best for a front door because it is a high traffic area and it is easier to clean than other finishes. If you have an older door you might want to use a matte or low-gloss because it would help cover any imperfections your door may have.

3.Maintaining airflow between your storm door and Front door. A storm door allows you to bring some sunlight and also protects your door from rain and snow. If you want to add a storm door, we recommend one with a mesh covering for summer. It will keep the heat from building up between it an the front door. If you have a glass door make sure to open the door periodically. This is even more crucial in extreme temperatures (we are talking those record breaking 100 degrees!)

These tips will help keep your door looking great throughout the summer. Keep in mind that you will still need to maintain it by either repainting or refinishing every few years. Depending on the area you live and the temperatures we reach.


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