August 29

Exterior Paint Makes Your House Last Longer

Maintaining a good coat of the correct type of paint on the exterior of your home will help protect your home from the elements and extend the overall life of the structure. Here’s why:

  • Prior to painting, it’s necessary to clean and examine the outside of your home. This process helps identify any areas of rotten wood or mold that could grow into a damaged area of the home. Prior to painting, these areas should be replaced.
  • Home exteriors have areas of caulk. In preparation to paint, these caulk areas are inspected. New caulk is added if necessary. Keeping an undamaged caulk barrier in areas around, doors, windows and fixtures is very important to maintain temperature control inside the home and also to prevent new areas of rotten wood.
  • Finally, the paint itself creates an all-over barrier against rain, snow and ice. It protects the home from the elements while increasing the home’s curb appeal. Whether painting with latex or oil-based paint, the paint acts as a shield – the first line of defense – against the moisture and inclement weather coming our way.

Take a quick look around your home now. Is it time for an exterior paint refresh? Check carefully in areas that receive full sunlight, and sections around decorative trim.


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