September 15

Do I REALLY need two coats of paint?

A fresh coat of paint can bring new life to your home. Before you begin this project, there are a few things that you will have to decide. If you are taking the DIY approach,then you will have to determine how much paint will need. Which brings us to one of the most common questions: Do I really need two coats of paint? There are many things to consider when answering this.

Type of painting project. Will you be painting you bedroom walls or the siding of your home? Whether you are painting the interior or the exterior really makes a difference. You are more likely to use one coat in an interior paint project as opposed to an exterior one. Interior projects where the paint will get heavy use and high traffic areas are better off getting two coats of paint. Two coats give your home better protection, specially for the exterior of your home that is exposed to different weather elements.

Color Choice and coats. There are  an abudance of color choices to pick from. When you think about what color to use for your project, if you are going go with an interior color that’s similar to the old one, then one coat would be enough. If the color is darker or if you had to use a primer first than you will want to go with a  second coat. This will ensure you get full coverage and don’t have any areas that you might have missed. Some colors also may require 2 coats to achieve the color you are going for. One example we have is a deep red. We have nothing against the color red, we like it so much we used it in our logo. Unless you prime the walls correctly it could take at least 2 coats to get that deep red that is on the color sample.

Value of project. Another thing to consider is always cost. When you think of the cost, you would always gravitate towards the one coat because its less than two coats of paint. The problem with that is you eliminate the true value of the project. For instance, your main goal is to have a lasting paint job, especially in the exterior of your home. You don’t change the exterior of your home as often as you would  bedroom color, so you want to make sure the paint withstands not only weather elements but wear and tear. Two coats of paints gives you more security that the paint job will last longer and will be cost efficient by not having many touch-ups in the future. Two coats in high traffic areas also gives you the same security.

Image painting always strives for costumer satisfaction, which is why we can recommend which one is more suited for your painting needs. Call us today to guide you on what would work best for your next painting project.


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