October 16

How to Select an Interior Color Scheme

It has continued to feel like summer in the DMV. Despite that, the weather is bound to cool off sooner or later, and that means exterior painting season is coming to an end. It’s a great time to take a look around inside though, especially if you are entertaining friends and family this holiday season. It might be time to clean up, spruce up and modernize your interior décor. We searched around to find the best and most useful tips on selecting the best interior color palette for your home. Here’s what we found:

1. Do you have a large piece of artwork, a rug or a large piece of furniture that has a pattern or a multi-colored look? If so, this could be the perfect inspiration. Pull a few colors from that piece and get to work using them throughout your space. Make sure the colors play nicely together, of course.
2. Use darker colors on low areas and lighted up and you go up. According to HGTV, this is a natural way of doing it since mother nature already utilizes this approach to color in the world.
3. Have fun, and be carefree. Do not feel obligated to adhere to the traditional color wheel. This is your home, if the color scheme feels right to you, it probably is. Once you’ve found a key piece from which to pull inspiration, you can select other pieces that work well with it, including fabrics, rugs and wall paint. Consider, also a neutral overall palette, with pops of color coming from rugs, window treatments and throw pillows. This allows you to mix it up seasonally or down the road when you’re just ready for a change.
Also, check out some other helpful suggestions from Better Homes & Gardens.


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