October 18

Getting Rid of Old Paint Cans


If you have recently painted your home it’s advised to keep some of the paint for any minor touch-ups that might need to be done in the future. You want to keep your paint stored in a cool, dim area away from any heat. You also want to make sure it’s above the ground, and away from small children or pets.If you notice that the paint you are trying to dispose of is clumpy and smells odd, even after you have removed the “skin” on top of the paint and stirred it; It’s safer to throw it out. This is a sign that the paint is no longer good.

If the paint is still good but there is not much left of it, you can move it to a smaller container. Just keep in mind, you would need a container that has a tight seal, and will keep air out. For latex paint, the first thing you would have to do is dry out the remaining paint. Once you relocate the paint, then you can just leave it to dry out for a day and you should be good. If you no longer want the paint and there is more than a quarter left; You can buy products in your hardware store that will dry out the paint. Once the paint is dry you can place the can in the garbage.

Oil-based paints are bit trickier to dispose of. They are considered hazardous waste, and the only way to dispose of them is by taking them to a hazardous waste collection site. You can find locations online.

You can also contact your local paint store to see if they can recycle them for you.


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