January 30

How to paint your floors

Paint doesn’t always have to go on your walls. One great way to update your space is by painting your floor. Not only is it more cost-friendly than refinishing floors but it can be very durable. It also provides you with an immense number of color options, that can fit any style décor you may have in mind.

Like any project, good prep is the key to an amazing end product. Now before you begin the prep for the project you need to make sure if paint is the right fit for your floor. Not all floor types can be painted, such as laminate floors because the paint won’t adhere to the laminate.  One other thing to keep in mind is the weather. You don’t want to paint your floor in cold temperatures. Two reasons for that is, the paint could not work as intended and you want to be able to leave a window open to vent and interior painted floor.  You may also want to check is if there are any restriction for using oil-based paints in your area. Last thing is to decide is how you will be painting your floor to be sure you get the correct materials at the store.

Prep to start job. At the store, you want to be sure that you get floor paint becuase they have specific modifications that are designed to withstand foot traffic. Before you begin painting, you will have to sand down the area that you will be painting. Sanding the area down will help keep the area even. If the floor has been previously painted or has a floor finish on it, you will have to remove it before you can begin the painting. One way to determine if there’s a floor finish is to test an inconspicious area with the paint you have  chosen.  If there is any sort of reaction or the paint is not adhering properly, then it is best to remove the old paint before you begin.

Painting. Be sure to tape off the trim on the wall so you don’t get any paint on them. Once you have prepped the floor for painting its time to start with a primer. It is always recommend to prime the surface you are painting to make sure that the paint adheres to the area properly. There are some paints that have paint and primer in-one, for these paints it is best to let the area dry before applying a second coat. When painting the floor use a paint roller and always start away from the door or exit area. This way, you don’t step on the already painted areas when you try to leave a room. Best way to describe this is to paint yourself out of the room.  If it is a high traffic area then sometimes it is recommeneded to apply a polyurethane finish. This will make your painted floor last even longer in those high traffic areas.

Before walking on the floor, check the manufacturers recommended curing time for the floor paint. Once you have completed painting your floors it is time to begin the cleaning.

What ever your painting project, we are here to help! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding painting floors, or if you would like us to tackle this project for you. Happy painting!


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