March 30

3 Benefits of Using Low-VOC Paints

What are low-VOC paints? You may have not paid attention to this term before but VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compound. This is the amount of toxic chemicals that are emitted from the paint as it is placed on the wall.

Here are 3 benefits of using low-VOC or Zero-VOC paints.

Paints with low-VOC or Zero-VOC are considered healthier options due to the lower amount of toxins they release when applied to a wall. Latex paints are popular low-VOC because they are water based and don’t contain other chemicals you may find in oil-based paints.

Less odor! Because these paints have lower levels of toxins that are released, the paint smell that is associated with a fresh coat of paint is not as strong. Low-VOC would be a great option if you plan on painting a nursery because the smell won’t linger. Although you might not smell it, it is always important to ventilate the room. All paints, even low-VOC have levels of toxicity which are not good to breathe in for long periods of time.

Abundant color options. When low-VOC paints were first made available, the color options were limited because color would increase the level of toxin released. Paints have now been improved, and the color options don’t have much of an effect on the levels anymore. It is always safe practice to read the paint label to see the levels they offer, different companies may have different levels.  You can also find the instructions on how to properly use the paint to get the most out of it.

Don’t let the paint smell hold you back from getting that new look in your home or office. With low-VOC paints you won’t even know we are there. Contact us today to get your fume free colors!


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