March 18

How to get a Chalkboard wall

There are many ways you can use chalkboard paint. You can find it in your pantry by adding it to your containers and creating labels for them. Or you can use it on a wall in your kitchen area to keep your family informed.  It can be as simple as making a chalkboard square to write important memos, family dinner menu for the week, or it can be as intricate as making a chalkboard calendar so you never miss an appointment. The calendar would also work great in an office.

A chalkboard wall will make a playroom more inviting to a child’s imagination. Having an entire wall will boost their creativity and make it more entertaining for them. Not to mention it will fill their desire of writing on a wall without causing any damage. Here is how you can get a chalkboard wall at home:

Tinted primer, chalkboard paint, brushes, roller, dropcloth,  drywall filler, painters tape, sandpaper.

  1. Wipe down the area you will be working with a damp rag to make sure there are no dust particles in the area you intend to paint.
  2. If there are any holes that need to be filled, use the drywall filler to take care of these. After allowing the filler to dry, you will want to sand them down so you have a smooth surface to start. If there are any areas that you see that also need sanding down, do that as well. Always wipe down to ensure you have a clean surface.
  3. While you wait for the filler to dry, you can begin by taping the edges of your wall. Don’t forgot to tape the floorboards and any trim you may have around the area. If you are using it on just a small area than begin taping the border for your wall.
  4. Before you begin painting, open the cans and stir the paint. Using the roller apply a layer of primer and allow it to dry based on the instructions on the paint can. Follow with the chalkboard paint applying one layer and allowing it to dry for the time suggested by the paint manufacturer. If needed, apply another coat after paint has dried.
  5. Once the you have completed the painting, it is time to remove the painters tape and clean the  paint area.
  6. Enjoy your new chalkboard wall!


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