April 5

Consider Matching Exterior Paint with Your Spring Landscaping


Spring! Spring! Spring! It’s finally here. That means my family is in the throes of yet another soccer season with the kids. I’m sure many of you are spending time outdoors or at your children’s sporting events too. It’s bound to happen – somewhere between cheering on the kiddos and planning for the upcoming summer vacation, you’ll likely realize it’s time to spend a Saturday fixing up the garden for spring.

We’re painters serving the DC metro area, and exterior painting season is fast approaching. We did a little research to see what tips designers were offering when it comes to the exterior look of your property. More specifically, we tried to get an idea of how the color of your house and colors in your landscape work together. The answer we found is actually quite simple:

Think of your home as the backdrop for your landscape.

If new exterior paint is in your plans for the year, consider muted tones – grays, blues, whites, tans. If you’re able add pops of color with the front door and/or shutters. Make it all pop with a trim color that’s lighter than the main wall color. These mostly neutral colors will allow for a calm background to the plans in your garden.

Then, keeping these colors in mind, select plants that compliment or mirror the colors used in your home’s exterior. If you went with a mostly neutral color palette, you’ve got a lot of flexibility. One suggestion would be to incorporate the color used as your exterior pop of color with at least one of the items in your garden sharing the same shade. From there, feel free to get creative and use an array of colors that complement each other and bring the outside of your home to life.

Here is a helpful article from Fine Gardening Magazine.

This article from the experts at HGTV is also very useful.

Finally, if you just generally unsure about how to mix and match colors, we suggest to you take a look at the color wheel. It’s an artist’s tool that proves very helpful for this type of thing. You can also look around at items in the local home stores or clothing shops to see what color combinations they’re using this season. Take a que from the experts and your home will look fabulous.


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