June 11

Exterior Paint Takes on Summer Sunshine

It’s no secret that our homes endure Mother Nature’s elements every single day. In the summer, it’s the blistering heat we have to worry about, and the longer hours of sunlight that beat down on us each day. While most love the summer sun when we can get out and play, grill or walk barefoot, that gorgeous sunshine is hard on the exterior paint of your home.

Keeping the paint updated and selecting a good quality paint is really the best defense. Take a look at your house, how are the exterior painted areas looking? Do you see any blistering? Cracking or peeling? Chalk-like areas? These could all be the results of strong sun that has been shining on your home over the years. The Chalky look is actually a chemical reaction between the paint and the sun’s UV rays.

If you are noticing any of these things on your home, or if you know your home has an area of full sunshine, consider updating the paint. When the time comes for this work, be sure to check the caulk around windows, doors and trim as well. Caulk also takes a beating from the sun’s powerful rays.

Once you’re ready to get going on the project, be sure to select a contractor who will properly prepare the surfaces for the new paint. If you’re a DIY sort, make sure you know exactly what is needed for correct prep, and take the time to do it. Cleaning and preparing the area properly will help the paint better adhere, last longer and offer its full protection of your home.

Once you’ve agonized over, and successfully chosen the perfect color, select a paint that is 100 percent acrylic latex. It should say so on the label. This paint is the most durable and most breathable when it comes to exterior paint on a home. It will give you the best results and look good for the longest period of time. Image Painting can make suggestions for the best paint to use on your home.

Bring on the Summer Fun in the Sun!


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