May 13

Wash Your House

Cleaning your house prior to exterior paint work, yields better cosmetic results.

You’ve been told lately to wash your hands. We’re saying, wash your house! Cleaning exterior siding prior to a new paint job will help prolong the life of the paint and yield better cosmetic results. Pressure washing is the most efficient and effective way to clean your home’s exterior, even reaching to the highest points. Be careful, if you choose to do this yourself, as pressure watching with too much pressure can also be detrimental.

Should you decide to take on this task yourself before brining in the painters, make sure to use a spray nozzle on your washer, not a stream washer nozzle. The single point pressure from a stream washer will potentially edge your siding or even begin to strip existing paint, which is not ideal. While washing you should stand back a minimum of six to 18 feet depending on the level of pressure you’re utilizing. Be careful not to spray at an upward angle. Doing so could cause water to seep in underneath siding or around other openings on your home. You always want a straight-on slightly downward angle when pressure washing a house.

Our team can assist with this step if you’re uncomfortable doing it yourself. Pressure washing the house is a smart step for the best results, especially since more people probably don’t do it often, and paint jobs are generally done every seven to 10 years. It’s a safe bet that it’s time for a good exterior clean-up. Following a nice cleaning of the siding, a new coat of paint will make the outside curb appeal of your home look good as new. Change the color, for a whole new vibe, or keep that old classic look you’ve grown to love.

If you’re home includes a wooden deck, our crew can easily clean and stain or paint that area too, reducing splintering wood and extending the life of the deck, especially during the rainy spring season. Let’s face it, we’re all ready to get outside and enjoy a beverage or dine al fresco in our outdoor living space. Your spring cleaning may start inside. Getting the outside looking fabulous is where we come in!

On Trend – Exterior Color Concepts

Check out these gorgeous exterior color combinations from Better Homes and Gardens. Whether you’re looking for a nice Neutral look, something bright and colorful or a classic flashback vibe, there’s something in this lineup that just might get your creativity flowing.


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