June 8

Inspired Design for Exterior Paint

Our World was flipped upside down in March, but if you look around, you can still find some sense of normal. The flowers are blooming. The weather is finally warming. People are getting outside and enjoying the season. In these normal moments, we find inspiration. Inspiration for happiness. Inspiration for creativity. And, inspiration for beautiful color schemes.

Mother nature offers many naturally occurring color combinations. Look at the sandy beaches against the blue ocean water and white wispy clouds for example. Or, consider the green grass against the brown bark of a fallen tree. Look at the natural pops of color we find in dessert climates, mountain zones, lakeside parks, farms, wineries, forests, etc. From those, you can pull so much inspiration.

When it comes to exterior paint color palettes, many classic color combinations exist. These vary in popularity from region to region and country to country. As you begin to plan your next exterior paint project, consider a neutral main color. Then, select a trim color and a pop of color for doors and maybe shutters. If you’re looking for something a little bolder, consider blues, yellows, greens and pastel shades as the base color and add accents from there.

HGTV offers this article with 67 Inviting Home Exterior Color Palettes. Surely you can find some inspiration in these beautiful suggestions.

Image Painting is open and operating. We can even provide and estimate and complete your full exterior project without ever entering your home.


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