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7 Ways To Be Prepared For Interior Painting in Arlington, VA


7 Ways To Prepare For Interior Painting in Arlington, VA

When you want to paint part or parts of the interior of your home, it is important to first make sure that you are fully prepared for the painting project and only then take it on.

Some people will dive headfirst into a major interior painting project and only halfway through realizing that they were using the wrong kind of paint or that they didn’t have the kind of brush that they would need to properly paint the surface or surfaces that were in need of painting.

With that being the case, here are seven ways to be prepared for interior painting in Arlington, VA.

1. Measure The Walls

One of the first things that you are going to do when you are getting ready to paint the interior walls of one of the rooms in your home — the reasons for this are a few.

The first reason you will want to measure the walls of the room being painted is that you should have an idea of how much time it is going to take to paint the walls, and having the dimensions of the wall is one of the best ways that you’ll be able to get this figure.

Another major reason you should measure your walls is that it is a good way to calculate how much paint you will need for the painting project — bearing in mind that in many cases, you will need to apply a second coat of paint to make it look best.

2. Determine What Kind Of Paint You Will Want

In terms of painting the interior of your home, you should be aware that there are many kinds of paint from which you will be able to choose.

Depending on the nature of the room and the people that live in your home, you will ultimately choose a different kind of paint.

Glossy paint, for example, is much easier to wipe clean than a flat paint, so if you tend to get your walls dirty at all for any reason, you should consider using glossy paint.

Flat paint, on the other hand, tends to last a bit longer than glossy paint, so you should consider it if you have less of an issue with needing to wipe clean the walls on a regular basis.

3. Assess The Color Or Colors You Want To Use

Not all colors are created equally, and this is certainly the case when you are looking to paint the interior of your home.

One factor that might come into play when you are determining the color you want to use is the colors that you find in the room or rooms adjacent to the room in which you are painting.

The colors that you use for painting the room should also have some sense of being in style, so to speak, unless you really have no interest in trending colors (did you know that there are companies that will choose the trending color of the year for every year?)

4. Get Protective Equipment For Painting

When you’re painting the interior walls of your home, you should get the kind of things that will protect the parts of your home that aren’t being painted from paint.

This can include drop cloths to protect your floors as well as the various things you can use to make sure that your furniture is good and covered and not prone to paint spillage.

5. Remove The Outlet Protectors

Your outlet protectors are great for what they do, but when you are painting the interior of your home, they need to go away for the duration of the paintwork.

You can cover what you leave exposed with painter’s tape, which is much easier to remove and toss than to try to protect your protectors (pun not intended) and possibly get paint on them.

6. Cleaning Before Painting

One of the key things you will need to do before painting is cleaning the surface.

You can’t well paint a dirty surface, and it certainly would not look for a good paint job after the fact.

7. Have Clean-Up Supplies On Hand

As prepared as you are for your interior paintwork, there’s always the possibility of a spill happening that needs to be addressed.

It bears preparing some sort of clean-up kit that corresponds with the sort of paint you will be using to paint your interior, like mineral spirits for an oil-based spill.

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