Check out the 2020 Colors of the Year.

Each year, Pantone®, arguably the official experts of color across all industries releases a Color of the Year. For 2020, that color was “Classic Blue.” The cool thing about blue is that it can be used as either a pop of color or a neutral background to frame other pops of color. The possibilities are endless.

As we all begin to emerge after being home for weeks on end, it’s reasonable to assume that many folks will be looking for new looks and new décor. Whether you’re considering an exterior painting job or an interior makeover, working blue into the palette might just provide the calming, yet colorful, effect you desire.

Because Pantone tends to be the leader in color, it’s not surprising that many paint companies and even fashion designers offer their own timely colors in similar spectrums. Let’s take a look at what some of the leading paint companies are touting as their 2020 color of the year, and what accents they recommend as well. Spoiler alert – there are a lot of blues.

Sherwinn-Williams named “Naval #6244” as their 2020 color of the year. According to their website, this color was selected because of its “calm and confident nature.” It speaks to Art Deco influences and our desire as humans to interact with nature.

Breaking out with something new and different, Benjamin-Moore paint selected “First Light,” a rosy pink as their 2020 Color of the Year. They say it’s meant to be a happy color that creates positive thoughts – something we could all use in the world today. Expanding on First Light though, their full 2020 palette does include some pastel blue shades as well.

Valspar lists a palette of 12 colors they have named their Colors of the Year. Included in the list is “Utterly Blue” and another called “Grey Brooke” which seems to be a gray with a blue tint. Accompanying these are various neutrals as well as some pinks and greens. Take a look.

Home Depot’s BEHR branded also stepped a bit outside the lines and selected a natural green called “Back to Nature” and their 2020 Color of the Year. Interestingly though, their rationale in selecting it was the draw between humans and nature. This does seem to be a recurring theme. In addition to this color, BEHR markets a color of the month on their website along with inspiration boards of how someone might use it in the decorating at home.

Finally, rounding out the paint companies we investigated, Glidden paint kept with trend and selected a gray-blue shade called, “Whirlwind” as their 2020 Color of the Year. Glidden points out the calming effects blue colors have on people, and name that as one reason this color was chosen.

Bottom line is there are tons of colors from which to choose, and there are definitely a few that will speak to you. Taking a look at the colors of the year will hopefully offer inspiration for design whether inside or outside, and allow you to create and love your space even more.


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