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5 Tips For Painting Your Dining Room On A Budget in McLean, VA


5 Tips For Painting Your Dining Room On A Budget in McLean, VA

When you’re looking to update your dining room’s look, you may want to think about painting it or even certain aspects of it — a good paint job can improve the look of a room.

One of the biggest problems with any paint job is that you can sometimes spend quite a bit of money on doing so — but if you are careful, you can make it work for less money.

With that being the case, let’s look at five tips for painting your dining room on a budget in McLean, VA.

1. Consider Adding An Accent Wall

If you’re not familiar, an accent wall is where you take one of the walls in the room and paint it or otherwise decorate it to stand out from the other walls in the room.

If you don’t already realize why this would be a good thing in terms of your budget, think about it – if you’re only painting one wall instead of all of the walls, you will spend a lot less money on the paint.

That being said, you don’t have only to paint the wall for it to be an accent wall — you can add decorations as well to really make the wall look nice.

You can even add collectibles from your life to personalize the wall and make it your own.

2. Measure Twice, Paint Once

One of the higher costs of painting a dining room that people don’t tend to think about too often is the cost of the paint and the cost of the time needed to do the paintwork.

You can do yourself a favor and really save when it comes to both of these elements if you take the time to properly measure what needs to be painted before you actually starting the paintwork.

This is the case because you will know how much paint you are going to need based on this, and you are also going to need to know how much time you will need.

Having a good grasp of both of these things will help you rein in the painting project’s cost.

3. Use Paint Headed For Recycling

As a responsible painter — responsible to the environment, that is — you care about what happens to the paint that you use and what ultimately happens if you have more of it than you need.

Typically this would mean that it would go to a center to get properly recycled and processed – and these very centers are a good place to go to get paint at no cost as they would rather people take the paint than have to go through the whole process.

Of course, the caveat is that you have no control over what colors will be available to get, but you can really get something good if you have an open mind.

4. Paint Slowly

One of the costs of painting your dining room comes at the end in terms of cleanup – and there’s an aspect of painting that causes some of the biggest messes out there in the form of people painting too quickly.

When people are in a rush and paint too quickly, they tend not to paint as carefully and therefore make more mess than if they were to paint more slowly and deliberately.

Do yourself a favor and paint with care, and you will find that you do a better job overall.

5. Do Not Use Cheap Paintbrushes

Ironically, if you want to save money on painting your dining room, you should not go cheap when it comes to your paintbrush.

This might sound strange, but it is absolutely the case – for a cheap paintbrush will betray you at every step of the way and will sometimes leave bristles in the paintwork that then need to be dug out.

Indeed, you will find it both smoother and easier to use a higher-end paintbrush — and you will spend less time making better strokes using the paintbrush.


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