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7 Tips To Avoid A Mess While Interior Painting in Arlington, VA


7 Tips To Avoid A Mess While Interior Painting in Arlington, VA

When you are looking to improve your home’s interior, one thing that you might want to consider doing is to paint — whether it is your first time painting it or if you’re repainting to change up the look.

The problem with the interior painting, which can be found with just about any kind of painting, is that it can sometimes create a bit of a mess if you are not careful — it can almost be inevitable.

With this being the case, let’s consider seven tips to avoid a mess while interior painting in Arlington, VA.

1. Remove Light Switch Covers And Electrical Outlet Covers

One of the easiest things that people can do to make their interior painting work less messy is to remove their light switch covers, and electrical outlet covers before they start painting.

This can be a good thing because these covers can get easily covered in paint, and it can be quite difficult to remove it once it gets on.

Rather, it is better to remove the covers and then to use painter’s tape to cover the holes where the covers had been.

2. Paint Slowly

You are always bound to make more of a mess if you paint in haste — you could think that you’re just getting the work done sooner, but all you’re doing is risking the chance of not properly applying the paint.

By painting more carefully, you will take longer, but you will make considerably less of a mess if any.

3. Use The Right Kind Of Tape

There are many sorts of tape that a person could choose to use when painting their home interior, but few of them actually could lay claim to being right for painting.

If you use the wrong kind of tape, you can almost be guaranteed that you will make a mess.

4. Take Care Of That Obstacle Course

If there’s one thing that’s going to make it more difficult to paint without making a mess, it’s having an obstacle course in your home in the form of the things you own.

These things can be pieces of furniture and even just ordinary things like a popcorn bucket or a wagon that one of your kids likes pulling around.

5. Cover The Floor With Heavier Drop Cloth

If you find yourself wondering what you should use to cover the floors to keep them protected while painting your interior, go for a heavier drop cloth.

This is good because the lighter drop cloths tend to shift while you are walking, and when you uncover the floors, you are exposing them to dripping paint.

6. Use Paint Trays

Speaking of dripping paint, you are much more likely to spill paint when you try to paint directly out of the paint bucket than if you use a paint tray.

Paint trays are better for applying paint to your paintbrush because they are easier to move around than paint buckets, and they also can apply paint more evenly to your paintbrush.

7. Stir In Bags

Lastly, think about how you stir paint and the kind of mess that can easily be made in the process of doing so.

Now take that same theoretical mess, put it inside a disposable bag (grocery store bags work well), and just imagine finishing the mixing work and having no mess.

This is what happens when you stir your paint in a disposable bag — even if you make a mess, it’s limited to the inside of the bag and not your room that’s being painted.



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