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7 Mistakes You Need To Avoid Making Interior Painting in Arlington, VA


7 Mistakes You Need To Avoid Making Interior Painting in Arlington, VA

When you are looking to paint the interior of your home, there are many things that can get in the way of having a successful painting project.

Such things can sometimes come in the form of mistakes that can come about easily if you are not aware of them or even on the lookout for them.

With that being the case, here are seven mistakes you need to avoid making interior painting in Arlington, VA

1. Leaving All The Furniture In The Room

Of course you are probably well aware that when you are painting the interior of a room, having fewer things in your way is preferable.

That said, people will often not think about their furniture as far as things to remove — yet removing the furniture can be one of the best things you can do.

Doing so removes the obstacles from the path and makes it less likely that you are going to trip or stumble over it as you make your way around the room.

2. Guessing What Color Is Right

When it comes to painting the interior of the room, you have to have some kind of methodology in terms of choosing the right paint color.

Such things could be going through various samples and seeing which one looks best, or even using a sort of visualizer app that helps you see what your room will look like with the new color.

What you don’t want to do is just to guess — that will almost invariably leave you feeling upset.

3. Not Cleaning

You have to clean the room where you are going to be painting the interior area and this doesn’t just mean the surfaces that will be painted, though of course those do need to be cleaned.

Indeed this also refers to things like little bits and pieces that may be on the floor — even a little dust — better to get it off the floor and avoid having it on the wall while you are painting.

4. Not Sanding 

You want a smooth surface while you are painting the interior of your home and one of the things that you can do to guarantee a smoother surface is sanding.

This isn’t to say that you have to rub the surfaces that are going to be painted terribly hard — rather, you want to lightly sand so that the surface is that much smoother and will be more easily painted.

5. Not Covering The Floor

You are bound to make a bit of a mess while you are painting — paint drips, after all.

With that being true, you should use drop cloths to cover the floor in the room where it happens — the painting, that is — and therefore ensure that the paint doesn’t get on the floor.

6. Not Stirring The Paint

You might think that you can just take the paint out of the area where you are keeping it and start painting right away — and this may be the case but it’s also possible that some of the pigments may have settled and that you need to stir.

Better to stir the paint a bit and have a more evenly distributed pigment content than to skip stirring and to have an uneven color distribution.

7. Using A Cheap Paintbrush Or Paint Roller

Lastly, if you think that you can get away with painting the interior of your home with a cheap paintbrush or a paint roller, think again as this is not at all the case.

Though of course the price up front will be much nicer to your wallet, you will almost always find that it is more difficult to paint with a cheaper brush and you may end up with pieces of the brush in the paint itself on the wall.

It’s just not worth getting a cheap brush if the results you are hoping to get are anything less than stellar.

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