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7 Benefits Of Using A Painting Contractor in McLean, VA


7 Benefits Of Using A Painting Contractor in McLean, VA

When you’re considering the notion of painting some part of your home, whether your home exterior or interior, you may want to attempt to do it all yourself — but then again, you might consider the idea of paying a painting contractor to do it for you.

It is understandable that many would scoff at this and want to do it entirely themselves, not wanting to spend the money that it can sometimes cost — yet in the long run you can find that it will save you money.

Let’s look at seven benefits of using a painting contractor in McLean, VA

1. High Quality Results Are Guaranteed

When you paint your own home, you may end up with a good paint job but it’s entirely possible that what you do will end up needing to be fixed or entirely replaced a year or two later because of paint issues.

With a professional painting contractor, however, you are guaranteed that either the work will be done right the first time — as is most often the case — or if there is a problem, they will make sure to make it right for you so that you ultimately have a well painted surface.

You will know that you get these high quality results because when you sign the contract with the professional painting contractor, it is part of the contract — that you will be happy with your results.

2. Better Painting Equipment

Of course when you paint your own home you are more than welcome to go into any store that sells painting equipment and buy the top of the line equipment, but where will that leave you after the project is complete?

It will most likely leave you with a closet or garage with a stack of painting equipment for which you will have no use — and so you may ultimately get lower priced painting equipment, which will not perform as well.

Painting professionals have the top quality equipment because of how often they make use of it.

3. Experience In Field

Think about how much time you have spent painting homes — unless you are a professional painting contractor or someone who works with one, it is likely that it is not all that much time.

A professional painting contractor, on the other hand, spends hours every day, five or six days a week, week after week, painting homes — and the experience pays off.

The time that they spend painting makes them that much better — and gets you a well painted home.

4. Ability To Source Good Paint At Better Price

Since painting contractors paint as much as they do, they need a lot of paint — so they have good sources for getting the paint at a good price.

Just as you get food at a better price at warehouse stores because you’re buying larger quantities, painting contractors get good deals on paint for the same reason.

5. Time And Money Savings

The time that you spend painting your home is time that you could be doing something else — and while you won’t have to pay yourself to paint your home, there is the cost of time.

The professional painting contractor will get the work done in less time because they are so familiar with what they are doing and ultimately save you money.

6. Better At Cleanup

Just as painting contractors are better at painting, so too are they better at the cleanup that is necessary after the work is done — and there is often much cleanup.

When you see how grueling painting cleanup can be, you’ll be ultimately grateful that somebody is doing the hard work for you.

7. Insured And Licensed

Lastly, you should bear in mind that a good painting contractor is both insured and licensed — this means that not only do they have the right training for the work they will be doing but they also are insured in case of an accident.

Accidents do happen — but being insured means that you won’t be paying large sums out of pocket to pay for them.

Image Painting is a professional full-service residential & commercial painting contractor based in Falls Church, Virginia. We have served the Washington DC metropolitan area since 2003. You can click below to request an estimate.

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