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7 Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Your Ceiling in McLean, VA


7 Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Your Ceiling in McLean, VA

There are many occasions that will lead to your needing to clean the ceiling — from just needing to get the ceiling as should be done periodically to the need to get it clean before painting it.

Unfortunately, it’s sometimes entirely possible to make some pretty bad mistakes in the cleaning of the ceiling — some that can just lead to delays in the process and some that will cause some pretty bad problems that need to be rectified.

With this being the case, here are seven mistakes to avoid when cleaning your ceiling in McLean, VA.

1. Not Testing Cleaning Agents

If you are getting new cleaning supplies for your ceiling, you’re going to need to test them out first before you commit to fully using it to clean the ceiling.

It’s important that you test it out this way because if you don’t, there’s always the possibility that your ceiling will not have a good reaction to the cleaner and maybe even make it worse.

If you first test out the cleaner and then find that the cleaner works, you’re all set and you can use it to clean the ceiling.

If you test it out and it doesn’t help, you can move on to trying a different kind of cleaner.

2. Not Trying To De-Grease With Dish Soap

Though it may sound a bit laughable, you can actually get a lot of greases off of your ceiling with a solution of simple dish soap and a little water.

Even though there’s not much to the cleaner other than a couple of ingredients, it will still marvelously clean the ceiling.

3. Not Wearing Goggles

The cleaning of your ceiling is the kind of thing that doesn’t seem to bring the need for goggles, and yet it’s precisely what you should do when you clean your ceiling.

In addition to the presence of the dust that can come off of your ceiling, even the fine mist that you can sometimes make while cleaning your ceiling is not particularly good for your eyes and so you should protect your eyes with goggles.

4. Using A Dirty Broom

One way that people will take to cleaning their ceiling is to take a broom and use it to remove dust from up there — it may seem like a good idea as it’s an easy way to reach up.

The issue is that sometimes people will use a dirty broom to clean their ceiling, and in doing so will only spread more dirt on the ceiling instead of removing dirt.

Though of course if you have a newer broom it is better to use it, you can do just as well if you take the broom that you already have and make sure that it is clean before you clean your ceiling.

5. Cleaning The Ceiling Last

If you’re going to be cleaning the whole room, don’t clean the ceilings last.

If you think about the process of cleaning, when you clean the ceiling you will be getting dust and dirt off of the ceiling.

The process of removing this dirt will invariably get it down and possibly onto the floor — and even if some or most of the floor is covered, some will almost always get onto the floor.

If you clean your ceiling after cleaning your floor, you are only going to have to clean your floor a second time.

6. Not Removing Debris First

The first thing you should do when you’re cleaning your ceiling is to remove the debris — for if you try to clean the ceiling before removing the debris, you’ll end up spreading along some of the larger bits of debris instead.

The best thing you can do is to first give the ceiling a good scrub first before you look to apply a cleaning agent to it.

7. Not Cleaning Near Vents

Vents are fundamentally important to your rooms as they help get air around.

When you are cleaning your ceilings, you’re going to want to pay particular attention around the vents so that you continue to have good air quality.

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