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7 Best Practices For Cleaning Your Roof in Arlington, VA


7 Best Practices For Cleaning Your Roof in Arlington, VA

When you have a home, one thing that you might not think about too often is the roof — though when you start having roof problems because you didn’t do routine maintenance, it’s about all you can think about.

The practice of cleaning your roof (or having a professional company come to do it) is important enough that it warrants going over some of the things you should bear in mind when you clean it.

With that being the case, let’s look at seven best practices for cleaning your roof in Arlington, VA.

1. Having A Steady Ladder

Access to the roof is going to be the primarily important thing that you are going to need when you are cleaning the roof, and in most cases the safest way to do so is via a ladder.

The steadiness of the ladder is going to be a key point of importance, and so you are either going to need to have someone hold it for you while you are up there (better) or be sure to place it in such a way that it will be steady near your home.

2. Taking Care Of Leaves Sooner Than Not

When you see leaves up on the house roof, you might not think of them as being that big of a deal — what’s a few leaves, right?

The problems start when you have a number of leaves on the roof and those leaves become and remain moist — that is when it’s possible that they will slowly cause damage to the roof and eventually lead to some leak issues.

Take care of the leaves early before they have a chance to do so.

3. Knowing How To Deal With Mold

You should know by now that mold is something that is quite damaging — and being a living thing, it can actually spread over the surface of your roof.

There are chemical cleaners that are meant for your roof in terms of cleaning off mold — they will make it easier to get the mold off.

4. Making Sure To Take Care Of Branches

This will be something that is easier if you have equipment for trimming your trees – while you are up by your roof, you should take care to trim some trees if it happens that there are branches that could brush up against your roof.

This is because if you do not do so, these branches in a strong wind could possibly knock against your roof and break off pieces, which can be quite costly to repair.

5. Always Wearing Proper Safety Equipment

Any work that you do that involves cleaning and your home is by definition going to require some safety equipment, with roof cleaning being no exception.

You are going to need safety gloves and goggles and ideally heavier protective clothing so that you are not scratched or hurt by things on your roof.

6. Not Cleaning On An Overly Sunny Day

Your roof cleaners are going to be wonderful in terms of cleaning your roof, but if they evaporate due to heat they aren’t going to be nearly as useful.

The best thing that you can do for roof cleaning when you are using a cleaning chemical (such as the ones mentioned above for getting mold off of your roof) is to wait for a more overcast day so that the substances can take hold and properly clean your roof.

7. Inspecting Your Gutters If You Can

Lastly, a good thing you should consider while you are up and cleaning your roof is to look at your gutters and see in which condition they are — do they need to be cleaned?

In many cases, just having the access to the gutter is a good enough reason to see if it needs further cleaning.

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