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7 Colors To Consider When Painting Your Living Room in Arlington, VA


7 Colors To Consider When Painting Your Living Room in Arlington, VA

When you’re looking at updating the look of your living room, one thing that you might want to do is to paint your living room walls — but if you want to do so, it’ll be important to know what color or colors you should make use of for the painting.

Since choosing colors for your living room can be a bit tricky, we have for you a number of colors to consider and reasons why they might work for you.

Let’s look at and consider seven colors to consider when painting your living room in Arlington, VA

1. Greige

One of the first colors that you may want to consider using for your living room is greige, which sounds like a made up color but when you think about it, aren’t all color names fundamentally made up at some point or another?

In this case, the color greige is a combination of the colors gray and beige, and can be a good look for your living room — it’s not too bright and has just the right level of color to satisfy the want of people who prefer a more mellow look to their living room.

2. Green

The appeal of a green living room can be quite easy to understand, though of course there are many greens that are going to be better to consider than others — and we would generally not recommend the nauseating colors that were quite popular in the 1970s.

The better greens that are better now for painting your living room have a look that has more in common with nature than anything else.

3. Blue

Speaking of nature, if you really want to make a connection with nature in your living room you probably can’t do too much better than a nice blue.

The color blue has many connections with nature including relating to things like a nice blue ocean view or even the sky on a cloudless day.

4. Coral

Though some people would want to shy away from a pink kind of color for their living room, there is no good reason to do so — pink is one of the nicer colors that you can choose.

The color coral is one of a number of shades of pink that you can choose for your living room, and what people might greatly appreciate about it is the brightness that it brings along with it.

5. Light Yellow

On the lines of brightness, you might want to consider painting your living room a nice shade of light yellow, something that some would associate with the color of the sun if you go by drawings that children make.

There are many good things that can be said about light yellow, including that it brings some brightness into a room, and that it can actually brighten your spirit a bit!

6. Orange

Orange is another color that you might want to consider in terms of painting your living room, though not necessarily the color of the kind of orange that you would find at a breakfast buffet or a fruit stand.

The reason that orange might work well in a living room is if you go with a softer orange.

7. White

Lastly, look at white — and though it might sound a bit dull to those who think of white as the most boring of colors, it actually can be a good color.

A solid white used for the walls combined with furniture that is off white, perhaps even ivory in color, can make for a good set — and one that will make for a nice living room overall.

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