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5 Tricks For Exterior Painting Preparation in McLean, VA


5 Tricks For Exterior Painting Preparation in McLean, VA

In getting ready to paint the exterior of your home, you may be aware that the very act of painting the exterior of your home can be quite a time-consuming endeavor – but there are things you can do to make it go better as it were.

The good thing about preparing for your exterior painting is that doing so will help you have an easier time in painting — and the ultimate results are going to be a lot better than if you just jump into the project without any sort of prior preparation.

Let’s now look at five tricks for exterior painting preparation in McLean, VA

1. Measuring The Surface To Be Painted

One of the very first things that you’re going to want to do when you’re looking to paint the exterior of your home is to measure the surface areas that are going to be painted.

There are a few good reasons that you’re going to want to measure this area carefully, and one of them involves your time — for by knowing how much you have to paint, you can figure out when you will schedule the actual painting of the home exterior, and when you can schedule the time for the paint to dry (as well as the other things that require drying.)

Moreover, knowing how much there is to be painted will give you a good understanding of how much paint and primer you are going to need — good things to know so that you don’t run out of paint or buy too much beforehand.

2. Cleaning Near The Home

Another important step in getting your home exterior ready for the paintwork you will be doing involves cleaning near the home.

This is going to be important because when you have things that are close to your home if you don’t properly pick them up and dispose of them you may find that it will disturb your paintwork.

3. Protecting Your Plants

One thing that some people do not ever think about when it comes to painting the exterior of their home is how it will affect the plants nearby.

Of course, we all want to think that we are going to be exceedingly careful in our painting but even the most careful painter is going to drip a bit of paint as they work — and when that paint has got nowhere to go but down and there are plants underneath, you can just imagine that the paint will end up right on said plants.

To prevent this from happening, you’re going to want to spray a bit of water on the plants and then protect them with a light plastic sheet — this will keep them moist but also prevent paint from getting on them.

4. Clean The Surface

Since you’ve already made the time to clean the area around the exterior of your home, you may be less than surprised to know that you’re also going to have to clean the surface that’s going to be painted.

You’re not going to want to paint a dirty home exterior — paint doesn’t stick well to a dirty house, even if you apply a coat of primer first (and you certainly should) so you should certainly make sure that you fully clean the home exterior and then allow it to dry.

5. Correct Any Surface Issues

Lastly, you should take care of any surface issues that you are going to find in your home as if you just try to paint over them, you will find the problem continuing and possibly being worse.

5 Ways To Avoid Common Exterior Paint Problems in McLean, VA is your guide to helping you avoid the painting problems that lead to these surface issues.

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