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5 Ideas To Improve Your Work From Home Office in Arlington, VA


5 Ideas To Improve Your Work From Home Office in Arlington, VA

It’s certainly a changing world out there, and one way that it has changed a lot in the last couple of years is that more and more people have been workout outside of big office buildings and in fact making most of their hours in home offices. Of course, since so many people basically had no choice but to do remote working for a good chunk of 2020, there are some ways in which their home offices could certainly be improved — and if you haven’t taken any time to improve your own home office, now might be a good time for you to do so.

Let’s look at five ideas to improve your work from the home office in Arlington, VA

1. Make A Place To Stretch

One important thing that a lot of people don’t think about when they’re working at their computers all day is the state of their legs. Though you might think that sitting for long stretches at a time will have no impact, in reality, it can be quite bad for you and so you really need to make time every hour to stretch, that is to say, if you don’t have the kind of desk that will allow you to stand while you are working — more on this later. A good idea would be to make for yourself a designated place for you to stretch when you are in your home office — just a spot in the office where you can stand nicely and stretch and maybe even look at some positive constructive affirmations on the wall.

2. Put The Printer At A Distance

Somewhat related to stretching is the idea of standing in general, and how much better it is for you to spend some of your working time standing if you can. One way to get you up on your feet more often is to put your printer at a greater distance, which will therefore make you get up when you need to print something. By having the printer at a greater distance, you’re going to at least be getting up just to get whatever it is that you just printed rather than having it easily accessible for you.

3. Consider A Standing Desk

Speaking of standing, an easy way (relatively speaking) to get you to stand more often is to get a desk which basically requires you to stand while you are using it. These are known as standing desks – though of course there are desks that make the best of both kinds of desks and allow you to sit when you want to sit and make it standing when you are ready to spend some time standing. These desks are best for people who aren’t quite ready to stand full time at their desks.

4. Bring Fun Into The Office

A concept that people tend to forget about when they’re setting up their home offices is that of fun — and of course, it’s quite important to get work done when you’re in your home office, yet there should be some fun as well. There is the notion that too much work without play makes for a dull person — well, think this through when you’re setting up your home office. This can come in the form of humor that you post on your own walls or the like.

5. Make Good Use Of Color

Lastly, think about the way that color is going to look in your home office and what colors are going to be good to help you properly work. There are many colors that can help you focus, for example, as well as colors that are generally more positive in nature.

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