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5 Tricks For Avoiding A Living Room Painting Mess in Arlington, VA


5 Tricks For Avoiding A Living Room Painting Mess in Arlington, VA

A living room is typically a room in which a lot of quality time is spent with friends and family and you can be quite sure that when it’s looking a bit on the worn side it may be worth taking the time to do something to update it.

When you have any painting project, there are certain things that you have to bear in mind as you may make a mess when you are working along and it takes a good plan and some effort to avoid such messes.

Let’s now look at and consider five tricks for avoiding a living room painting mess in Arlington, VA.

1. Stirring Paint Inside A Disposable Bag

One fairly simple thing that you can do in order to make the job of painting your living room less messy is to stir the paint that you use inside of a disposable bag.

You may be wondering why the need to stir the paint when you could in theory shake the can of paint the way that paint stores shake paint in order to properly agitate and mix the contents and even incorporate new tints into the paint.

Though this sounds good in theory in practice it does not work out at all and you end up with bubbles in the paint because shaking a can of paint at home isn’t like how the machines at a paint store work and it makes for paint that you won’t want to use.

Since you’re already going to be stirring the paint rather than shaking it, it’s good to take the bucket and put it in a disposable bag so that you will not get any paint on the floor when you are stirring and you can stir as vigorously as you want without fear of making a mess.

2. Planning Out The Painting Work

Another interesting thing you can do to make it so that you have fewer problems with messes while painting is to make sure that you plan out the painting project well in advance of the actual start of work.

It may seem like it’s not too well related to making paintwork less messy but it absolutely will if you do it well — the first thing being that you have to know what kind of protective material you are going to use to protect your paint site.

The other thing is that you’re going to need to know how much you will have to paint in order to be able to make a good schedule for yourself – the next point will touch on this a bit more.

3. Painting More Slowly

Painting can be such a large task that you might want to get through it a bit more quickly and that could lead you to try to paint more quickly but that would not be a good idea.

In painting too quickly you will make more painting mistakes, some of which will make for a bit of a mess, and since you want to avoid that it’s better to consider how you can carefully paint and thus avoid making such messes.

4. Using Primer First

During any painting project you will generally find that when you have a more smooth painting surface, the paint goes on more easily and so it is easier to paint and you make less of a mess.

By making use of primer you will find that the paint will go on much more smoothly and so you will have less of a mess in the process of painting.

5. Removing Furniture

Lastly, think about the furniture you have in the room where you are painting and how you can possibly remove it during the time you are painting.

With fewer things in the way, you will be less likely to trip over things and certainly less likely to get paint on furniture as it will have been removed.

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