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7 Guest Room Decorating Ideas in McLean, VA


7 Guest Room Decorating Ideas in McLean, VA

When you’re looking to up the value or just the general state of your home, one thing that you may want to do is to look at your guest room — true, it’s ‘just a guest room and it’s only going to be used when you have guests over, yet your guests will surely like having a better-looking guest room.

By taking the time to decorate (or perhaps re-decorate) your guest room, you may well find that the guest room is going to be enhanced that much more.

Let’s look at seven guest room decorating ideas in McLean, VA

1. Update The Lighting

If there’s one thing that can make or break a good guest room, it’s going to be the lighting — you need to be able to see well when you are in your room.

After all, what good is having nice things in a room if you can’t see them?

A good thing you can do for your guest room is to improve where you have lighting and if your current lighting situation is good location-wise but dim, you can improve it by getting lights that are brighter as it were.

2. Peelable Wallpaper

One issue that people have with updating their guest room is that they fear that they are going to change up the look but end up not liking how they changed it.

A fairly simple solution to this is to make use of peelable wallpaper, which is easy enough to apply and when you want to change it up for a different look can literally be peeled right off the wall and replaced with either different wallpaper or a different sort of way to change the look of the wall.

3. Accent Wall

Another excellent way that you can update the look of your guest room is to add an accent wall or rather to change one of your walls to be an accent wall.

An accent wall, depending on how you want to do it, is accomplished by coming up with a theme or idea for one wall — and then based on that theme, changing up the look of the wall and you will find the look of the room radically changed.

4. Reading Nook

Who doesn’t love reading – and if you have a guest in your home you may well appreciate the possibility of having a nice space in the room where a person can read.

This doesn’t have to be all that much, either — just a good-sized bookshelf with a comfortable chair is all that it can take to give you a reading nook in your guest room.

5. Replace The Chairs

Speaking of chairs, have you looked at the chairs in the guest room lately and found yourself wondering from what era in history they were first originated?

If that is the case or you just don’t like the look of the chairs anymore, you may want to think about replacing the chairs entirely and putting in chairs that suit your guest room better.

6. Throw Rug

A fairly simple thing that you can do for the guest room is to add a throw rug.

By doing this you can keep the current look of the floor (whether it is carpeted or otherwise) and at the same time, you can add just a touch of creative spark with colors that otherwise were not there.

7. Extra Pillows For The Bed

Lastly, a rather simple way to change up the look of your guest room — extra pillows for the bed.

Though of course, this has all the hallmarks of a simple thing to do, you can ultimately make the most of it by considering aspects of your personality that you want to express and do so through pillows!

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